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Friday, 23 January 2015

Indeedy Musical Bingo

Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know that I woke up with a bit of a sore head this morning as last night the girls and I hit up Indeedy Musical Bingo in Kings Cross.

We met at Drink Shop Do, slightly confused about the location as it appeared to be a kitsch shop-come-café and didn't really look like it could hold a musical bingo evening. Pressing on, we entered and were delighted to be lead downstairs (with a neon sign saying 'Erotica this Way'!) to a bar set up with tables and chairs.

We found our table and quickly settled down to the business of cocktails.

Eventually the place filled up and we were given out the cards for the first round: 80s. I was worried...I knew hardly any of the songs on my card!

Run by three buxom blondes in metallics and sequins the musical bingo commenced.

The name of the game is that songs are played by an in-house DJ, and everyone has a jolly good time. If the song being played is on your card you swipe it off. 1 line up or down wins first place, then two lines up or down, then 3 lines up or down, and finally a full card wins. They have one hard and fast rule: they don't do diagonals. Other rules include: 'wooping, singing, dancing and chanting are all very acceptable', 'energy is everything' and 'if there's a draw, there will be a dance off'.

Prizes are fabulous and include, but are not limited to: inflatable bananas/saxophones/guitars, afro wigs, rounds of cocktails and shopping vouchers.

The second round was Reggae, followed by the final, and best round: 00s.

I was overwhelmed when I realised I'd got 1 line in the reggae round, and ran whooping up to the bingo master (is that what they're called?). My win was confirmed and I was presented with my prize - a round of shots!

We of course obliged...but after cocktails and wine they didn't go down that well...

I would highly recommend this as an alternative girls night out: it makes just drinks seem boring now! Tickets are £10 and they are launching soon in NYC for those of you over the pond!